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Oscar Hangover: Nominees

More Oscar pics. Can't get enough.


The fabulous Amy Adams (a lot of people hated the necklace, but I didn't mind. Of course, I'm not a girl, so what would I know), with...

...Marisa Tomei, in a dress that strangely resembles some stitched-together table napkins, with...

...Taraji P. Henson, all nominees for Best Supporting Actress.

The perpetually elegant Meryl Streep, in simple gray, now with a record fifteen career nominations, and...

...the lovely Anne Hathaway (who also incidentally joined Hugh Jackman in the opening number), both nominated for Best Actress.

Sensational couple Brangelina. Mrs. Pitt was also a nominee for Best Actress, while Mr. Pitt was nominated for Best Actor, together with...

...the new and resurrected Mickey Rourke.

Josh Brolin, with the facial hair (along with wife Diane Lane), nominated together with...

...the immaculately-fresh Robert Downey, Jr. for Best Supporting Actor.

*photos from www.tvguide.com, gofugyourself.celebuzz.com, and the Associated Press.


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