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Film Icons: Bella Flores

She reminds me of one of my professors in law school.

In the Philippines, when an old woman is called by the name "Bella Flores", it is usually meant as an insult. Philippine cinema has made the name Bella Flores synonymous with female villains. One would then wonder why, as "Bella Flores" literally translates to "beautiful flowers". And yet the actress who goes by the screen name Bella Flores will always be remembered as the template for evil stepmothers, the go-to person when you need to cast a monster mother-in-law. According to Wikipedia, she appeared in her first evil stepmother role at age fifteen. Yes, an evil teenage stepmother. Imagine that.

Remedios Papa Dancel a.k.a. Bella Flores. 27 February 1929 ─ 19 May 2013.

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