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Review: Boses, or Violins and Violence (Yes, That Was Forced)


Boses, a film by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, is a 2008 Cinemalaya entry making its commercial debut this year in SM's digital cinemas. It toured international indie circuits before "coming home", so to speak. It's a great indie for several reasons, but I shall give you three.

Not these three.

1. Violins aren't really part of our culture.
Obviously, the violin isn't indigenous to the Philippines. I don't even think we have a local string instrument played with a bow. Unlike in Europe, here you probably won't see homeless vagrants playing the violin for spare change.

And that's why this film is refreshing. Hearing the young Julian Duque, who looks like your everyday street urchin, play the violin with the unmistakeable sound of talent will probably inspire many parents to force their kids to learn the violin.

"There is no way to convincingly mime playing the violin, Meryll."

2. Coke Bolipata is an alumnus of Julliard.
As in the Julliard School, alma mater of such musical names as Henry Mancini, Barry Manilow, and Flea. I don't even know anyone who went to Julliard, one of the few schools that is the best at what it teaches, like Harvard Law, NYU Film, and Hogwarts.

"Sige, kung hindi mo ginalingan, sa Ateneo ka mag-aaral."

And in case you're wondering, Coke's real name is Alfonso. Not Cocaine.

3. It's about child abuse – without showing child abuse.
You might think this film is about music. Well, it is partly about music, but it's really about child abuse. But when you think about it, it's about child abuse when Ricky Davao is onscreen. When he's not onscreen, it becomes a film about music.

Such is the effect of Ricky Davao's mere screen presence.

Boses. Philippines. 2008/2013.

Original rating: 6.8 / 10
Coke Bolipata's musical score: + 0.1
Meryll Soriano unconvincing violin miming: - 0.1
Ricky Davao's and Cherry Pie Picache's devotion to indie cinema: + 0.1 each
Final score: 7.0 / 10

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