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Suits. Episode 12: "Dog Fight"

Question: How do you do a proper season finale?
Answer: Cliffhangers.

Yeah, baby. Cliffhangers. So there was a cliffhanger last episode, about the innocent guy who went to prison. This is the continuation of that.

I must say that the innocent guy subplot was rather interesting, but, in my opinion, not as well-written as I hoped it would be. It would've been cool if it was sort of like C.S.I., except from the attorney's point of view. The writing wasn't terrible, though. Just weak. And to think it was written by Aaron Korsh, the show's creator.

Plus the prosecutor looks like Forrest Whitaker.

Mike Ross, clearly all that photographic memory shit in your head has damaged your eyesight. Assuming they're both naked, no man with 20/20 vision would choose Jenny over Rachel. No, I'm just exaggerating. But still, I would choose Rachel any day. But you chose Jenny. And now look what it's done. All this sneaking-behind-your-best-friend stuff will never amount to anything.

You can see by his face that he clearly isn't happy.

Harvey Specter, you were great. As usual. Because you are too damn good-looking. You make us mere mortal men butt-ugly in comparison. Your face in itself is porn. It's a wonder where Donna got the strength to resist you.

And really, will you please explain the can opener joke next season?

PS. Dear USA Network: You know that thing at the beginning, which goes like, "Previously on Suits"? Drop it. Please.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC


Agree. But I'd have to add praise to the girls of this show: Jessica's threat to Louis (and he is one good actor, too), and girlfriend bonding between Donna and Rachel. Plus, did you notice, Mike and Harvey seems more in the equal footing in terms of banter? ;P

Yes, drop the "Previously on Suits" thing or make it more original than the usual recaps of previous episodes. Hehe.

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