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Easy A

Honestly, even if I watched the whole Easy A movie, I still don't know what the fuck "easy A" means, or where does it come into this movie (Nice ass? Easy ass was all I could think of). I wish I could tap Emma Stone's easy-ass while stoned!

Come on, she dares you to.

Good for Emma to bag her first lead role. I guess we should thank Superbad and Zombieland for givin' us the opportunity to get a sneak preview of her [Emma and Jonah Hill in Superbad or we could thank Jules' "family jules (jewels)" for that]. I honestly do hope that this would be the first of many lead roles to showcase those family jewels.

Um, may we see those alleged "family jewels"?

I wasn't really laughin' out loud (LOL-ing) the whole time the movie was bein' played. Though I kinda' snickered when it came to some parts of the flick. Good old-fashioned American humor was at play, it means. Therefore this garners a 5.5. That's because I laughed, and Emma's hot!

Does this mean that Fantastic 4 automatically gets a 10?

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