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I Didn't Get My Katniss. Boo.

If you know Katniss, then I don't have to explain. If you don't, move on to another post. The Hunger Games movie has announced casting decisions in the past few weeks and I didn't get my Katniss. Boohoo.

Blondie here got the part. "Easiest casting decision they ever made". Really?

With all due respect to Jennifer Lawrence, I know you were nominated for Best Actress for Winter's Bone in this year's Academy Awards, so I should bite my tongue. But I had a specific Katniss in mind, one who I'm sure (yes, sure as hell until now) could rock the part of a fatherless 16-year-old girl thrown in an arena to battle others for life, bread, and freedom.

Here she is, my perfect Katiniss.

Seeing Lyndsy Fonseca in the early episodes of the new TV series Nikita and reading all three books in a span of nine days at the same time, I was confident that if they would make a movie out of the best-selling book franchise dubbed as "the next Twilight phenomenon", she'd be the first actress to be considered. And I believed she'd get the part. She was spot on: 1) She kicks ass; 2) Look at her, she's gorgeous and absolutely fits the Katniss description from the book; and 3) Did I already say she kicks ass?

Anyway, since I don't have the power to overrule the casting decision, I really hope the producers didn't cast Jen just for the hype and exposure she got early this year. Plus, finding out that Lyndsy has her full support, my hopes are at a standstill (at least not downhill) as to how the movie will turn out.

She was really considered for the part; you have to give me props for that.
See, I wasn't the only one rooting for her.
And here's the light at the end of my tunnel... for now.

To be honest, I just really want the movie to make a huge impact as the books did to my reading experience. And no matter how many objections they get about casting, what's done is done. As they say, we all had a specific Katniss in mind. But they're the ones making the movie. May I just say that I believe that the people who cast the Harry Potter series was right about taking the natural path first and foremost—meaning though hair color and contacts can be used to get the look, it's always better to have the natural. But who am I to say such, right? Pffft.

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta is a little bit surprising...
but I can imagine he can do a decent job at it.
Liam Hemsworth's take on Gale better be more manly...
definitely more manly-er than being Miley's boyfriend. Puh-lease.

All that said, I shall delay judgment until I see the movie. But knowing that the book author Suzanne Collins is on board and very much hands-on in the project is a positive note. Hence, I shall shut my mouth (but will still secretly rant) and see how it this franchise gets ruined takes a leap to the big screen.

PS. Elizabeth Banks is Effie! Now, that's some nice news. Some tributes (if you don't know what they are, why are you still on this page) have been cast, so check out The Hunger Games Movie on Facebook.

*photos from flash-screen.com, ees.printex.com, acrl.org. moviewallpaper.net. Tweet screencaps from downwiththecapitol.net


Lyndsy Fonseca doesn't look too hot in that picture.

I didn't get a super-hot picture of her coz I want the readers to see her as Katniss. Duh. You can Google her super-hot photos if you must.

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