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The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Firstly, admit to the fact that you know a little more less about the great acting gamut that is Hugo Weaving.

CLICK to enlarge.
One of the rarest times he takes his shades
off in The Matrix and he does this. No, no,
he isn't happy because he just got the
Oracle's eyes, no.

...Smith was just reminiscing with how big his mouth can go, see?

And then, admit to two more outstanding actors in Guy Pearce and Señor Terence Stamp. Terence is usually the white-haired, reptilian-eyed antagonist of movies. Lesson learned from Madame Terence: no tweaking or alteration of voice quality needed─the deep voice actually adds up to the lady-ness of either the genuine drag, or the genuine lady. I should know, I adored one or two. bLOL.

And how about Guy Pearce? He's just the guy from Memento, L.A. Confidential, The Count of Monte Cristo, a much-criticized Time Machine, and a much-unknown The Proposition. To see him in an earlier Priscilla role is convincing to the starring roles he landed in succeeding movies. I must say, Felicia was his best─to his and to other's well-being. Seriously.

Align if you see Marky Mark Wahlberg

These Aussies are a bunch. Forget that tasty Wolverine actor guy.

I N T E R M I S S I O N: Movie music.
(Do) You kids actually know what this song means?

Second stop: Female film editor in Sue Blainey. Shucks. No hetero guy was cool enough to take on the role of editor. We should develop more female editors. I taught one myself. And now, she's way in over her head─acting like a proud male with no beef to back her lanky body up. I told her so. LOL. Now I'm thinking to train two more belonging to the third and fourth genders, just to let her know of her now-threatened space. Moohahaha.

OMFG so G 'n' R(!)
FAB FACT: Who says dreamcatchers and Aboriginal art
belong only to the natives? And didgeridoos? Come on
now! Fab peeps can own everything. You must've
learned that by now.

Lastly, is the race-y part which I'm proud of. You see Hollywood is really funny when it comes to casting a "general-ly" Asian woman. They just make her speak English like a Chinese or Vietnamese would. Then they make her curse in hellish Filipino-Tagalog.♥

Click to Constantine movie link
Her Alibi link
Don't be, she packs a punch. Click away.

Tips to fab (verb, adjective):
  1. Instead of purple, say "lavender"
  2. The barren desert is a perfect place to fab

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Australia. 1994.


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