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Far-Out Theories: Da Couch Tomato Inspires the New Cracked

Okay, this theory stretches the imagination a little bit too far.

Cracked.com, one of my favorite websites that I check religiously everyday, has come out with a new look. It's still in its Beta phase, only available to 1% of random users.

I was fortunate enough to have laid eyes on the new Cracked twice already. It's either I'm just really lucky, or I read Cracked too much.

So why do I say that this blog inspired Crack's new look? Check it out:

Basically, three reasons:

  • All clean and white. Just like Da Couch Tomato. 
  • Text uses the serif font Georgia. Just like Da Couch Tomato. 
  • Now with photo source citations. Just like Da Couch Tomato.

That's pretty much it. Of course, Cracked is a comedy giant, and their writing humor is something that I consciously try to copy emulate. Yes, I know, I'm a wannabe Cracked writer. And to claim that Cracked was inspired by this humble blog would be the equivalent of me getting a mohawk, and then a month later Christian Bale also gets a mohawk, and then me raving that "Christian Bale saw my Facebook profile pic, liked my hair, and totally copied it!"


lolz. stretching is good for the body n soul ♥♥♥ i also noticed the 'strikeout' text option :) kyool!

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