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The Grandest Conspiracy of All

Half-Past Indulgent makes you want to vomit with too much
information. After that, some truths will settle in.
Repeat 2 to 3 times every lunar cycle.

--HPI Profile

Before you dive any deeper into "conspiracy theories", allow me to usher you into The Grandest Conspiracy of ALL...

I will pass stamping this with ownership since WE ALL own this...
Strap ON...

Now in the Grand Scheme of Things, all of us are co-creators of the reality we share (Definition 1). In the tradition of seer-ing knowledge─that is, the traditional business of warrior seers─consensual reality is defined as particular lit energy bands perceived, that emanates from the Source of All, by a particular group of aware sentience (Def. 2). For example...

Joe Biden's face is spot-on smirky

Now Earth, for all the complexity of life within it, share one particularly lit energy band information, which also gives it its particular form and beauty, and function. All Earthly creatures conspire and contribute to make Earth happen. And so IT does... but it doesn't end there (or here).

The Grandest Fathers of Milwaukee decided one creative day they would anagram "M-I-L-K-Y_W-A-Y", as tribute to our One Galaxy and bestow it to their geographic state. Nobody knows exactly whether It fell on deaf ears, or myopic eyes, or whether they en-coded it the way it is spelled now, but one thing's for sure: All men who know "Milwaukee" are conspiring to make "Milwaukee" happen (Definition 3, with laughtrack available, for purchase. lol)

Disgruntled citizens of Milwaukee

End of "The GRANDEST Conspiracy of ALL", Part 1.


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