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Doctor Who. Series 7, Episode 1: "Asylum of the Daleks"



And finally, the long wait is over. Doctor Who is back on the air, bitches.

"About time, too."

Lead writer Steven Moffat (who some people call "showrunner", but I prefer the term "lead writer") has thrown in a lot of new things for the hungry fans to digest.

1. New opening sequence and new logo
As seen in the banner photo above.

2. New villain
Yeah, Daleks are old, like sixties-old. But here's the new twist: Zombie Daleks. Brilliant, Mr. Moffat. I don't think anyone saw that coming.

If you saw that coming, you're a liar.

The human Daleks are actually humans that have been infected by Dalek nanogenes, replacing all their love with anger and hate, turning them into Dalek puppets. In one word: zombies.

3. New companion(?)
Hardcore Whovians know that Series 7 will be the last series for the Ponds. The new companion will be Jenna-Louise Coleman, who will be making her debut in the Christmas special. But I don't think anyone ever expected her to come out in the Series 7 pilot as Oswin, the hacker in red.

If you saw that coming, you're a liar.

It is actually a good move by Moffat, allowing the fans to familiarize themselves with Ms. Coleman, so that it won't be as heart-wrenching when the Ponds leave. However, Oswin dies at the end of this episode, so I'd like to see how she ends up replacing the Ponds in the TARDIS.

4. New domestic
If you've seen the Series 7 prequel webisodes, you'll know that there's a little domestic going on between Amy and Rory. But did you ever think that it'll be about Amy not being able to have children? That's right, Amy Pond cannot have kids. Wait, but she gave birth to Melody a.k.a. River Song, right? So whatever screw-up happened to her reproductive system must have happened after River Song dropped the bomb on her parentage.

Karen Gillan eating Arthur Darvill's nose.

Also, why are they called "the Ponds"? Shouldn't they be called "the Williams-es"? Oh, right. That didn't sound nice. "The Ponds" it is.

And finally, we leave you with one last pic of the new companion.

Isn't she the cutest thing in the galaxy?

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I read that the new companion's name Clara Oswin. Oswin,.her Dalek version. I think The Doctor would have the human Clara as a companion years before she boards the ship that crashed in The Asylum. But that would mean The Doctor would still need to let her go on that ill-fated trip to help them, like we saw in the episode? Just thinking out loud. Hehe. :-P

Ooh, Clara Oswin. Nice name. Hehe.

Or.. or! If the Dalek's name is Oswin something else, then the new companion would probably be a distant relative in the past or present, and who totally looks alike. Hehe. ;P

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