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Boardwalk Empire. Season 2, Episode 2: "Ourselves Alone"

I think I've just discovered the plot for the entire season. It's how Nucky Thompson will go down. And who will be the architect of his demise? Basically everyone.

Except Kelly Macdonald.

The general rule is: Never bite the hand that feeds you. And that is why the arrogant black guy got what was coming.

No one disrespects Charles Dickens.

So if Nucky goes down, does that mean Chalky White goes down as well? Not necessarily. Remember segregation? The two races do not mix. White affairs do not concern the black community. Also, what kind of black woman named White would name her son Chalky?

I also sense a bit of tension between Mrs. Schroeder and that guy from Stardust. Just because you're both Irish doesn't mean you can score, boyo.

Stop flirting with her, asshole.

*some info from IMDb
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