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Boardwalk Empire. Season 2, Episode 9: "Battle of the Century"

And now, we feel the real effects of James Darmody’s takeover. He’s the king now. The King of Atlantic City. Or rather, the Emperor of the Boardwalk, since this show is called Boardwalk Empire. In other news, Nucky Thompson is in Belfast,

Testing the machine gun that bears his name.

and the negroe kitchen crew have started a revolt.

Also known as the Great Negroe Food Fight.

It would be interesting to note, however, that the action can be summed up by the two telegrams Nucky gets before boarding the ship back to America: First, from his lawyer: “Forget Dempsey. Judge set trial date. August 23rd. Let the real battle begin.” Second, from Mrs. Schroeder: “Come home. Emily has polio.”

*some info from IMDb
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