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The Secret Circle. Episode 7: "Masked"

I wanted a shot of the awesome decor, but this one gave me more fireworks.

Witches and Halloween. Classic. The set design people must have had a blast decorating the Blake home for the party. Too bad all the important scenes did not take place in the house.

So... Melissa is still doing what again? I miss Bitchy Faye; Flirty Faye doesn't work for me as much. Cassie has a dark side. [/insert Star Wars reference here] The innocent new-girl phase is tiring already, so grow some balls. (And I bet that comment will be timing for the next episode when you display your bitch bad-ass side.) Adam is still in denial about his breakup with Diana, who is kind of bestfriends with the reason why she has a boyfriend no more. And Jake is a pretty fucked up witch/witch hunter (read: he's nursing a lot of rebellious teenager angst). He is clearly what he despises the most.

And the only thing most guys would remember in this episode:

Sexy wtich doctor FTW!

*screencaps from VLC


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