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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 9: "Homecoming"

And just like that. Goodbye, Mikael.

I seriously thought there's more episodes for Mikael since we haven't really met the whole Original family yet. But if I'd choose between Klaus and Mikael as the antagonist vampire, I'd choose Klaus faster than a heartbeat. Did I mention his accent already? I'm sure I have.

To complicate things a bit more, the hybrid proved to us that he doesn't exactly fit into the "evil" character some are convinced he is. After nine episodes, we now know the Original family were ordinary people like any human. And like any vampire, humanity is their weakness, too.

That tear--actually the whole expression, my sweet, is priceless.

A quick checkup on the rest of the gang: Rebekah and the rest of the daggered Originals are under Stefan's care now, who is plotting his revenge against Klaus. I'm quite happy Tyler is back to being a douchebag; liking him  is starting to feel like a chore. Caroline did good breaking up with the Klaus's sire. Elena and Damon are letting Stefan go but I hope they don't end up together as soon as he's out the door. I hope Anna is not lost to Jeremy; after all, she could touch him way before Vicki and Mama Original blew the door wide open. And Bonnie is still helping Alaric decipher Viking cave drawings.

I demand that Elijah be un-daggered the first episode come January.

P.S. Come to think of it, it's the first time all three girls are single again.

*screencaps courtesy of VLC


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