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Green Lantern

Green Lantern FAQs:

Q: Who is the Green Lantern?

A: Not “who is”, but rather “who are” the Green Lanterns.

Q: Okay, who are the Green Lanterns?

A: Their full name is the Green Lantern Corps. They are the intergalactic peacekeepers. Kind of like the Jedi, but colored green.

Q: You mean like Yoda?

A: Uh... no.

Q: Why green?

A: Green, according to the story, is the color of will. As in will power. And this, they say, is the strongest energy source in the universe.

Q: So all the Green Lanterns wear some kind of ring. Is that ring the lantern?

A: No, that ring is a ring. It gets its power from a device that looks like a lantern.

" Yeah, I guess it looks like a lantern."

Q: How many Green Lanterns are there?

A: According to the story, one Lantern for each of the 3,600 sectors in the galaxy.

Even the Jedi don't have jellyfish-like beings.

Q: So that’s how many Lanterns?

A: Can you not count?

Q: Never mind. Who’s that chick that plays the girlfriend of Ryan Reynolds? Is she also a Green Lantern?

A: That’s Blake Lively. She’s not a Green Lantern. But she turns my mind green.

"Oh, no."

Q: What?

A: Nothing.

Q: Who’s the red-faced guy with the neat moustache?

A: That’s Senestro.

Q: No, I mean what’s the name of the actor who plays him?

A: Oh, that’s Mark Strong.


Q: No kidding! He doesn’t look like Mark Strong. Anyway, what power does the ring have?

A: It can create anything that the wearer’s mind can think of.

Q: Really? Anything?

A: The only limit is the imagination.

Q: So if I were Ryan Reynolds, and I had the ring, I could create a green Blake Lively and have sex with her?

A: Wait, what? If you were Ryan Reynolds, why would you want a green Blake Lively when you already have the real one?

Q: Uh, threesome?

A: Whatever. Next question, please.

Q: That geek friend of Hal Jordan... is that the curly-haired guy from The Big Bang Theory?

A: What? You mean the guy who played Tom? That’s not Johnny Galecki. His name is Taika Waititi.

"Seriously, do I look like Leonard Hofstadter?"

Q: Oh... okay... (snickers)

A: What? What’s so funny?

Q: You said “titi”.

A: Seriously? Come on, next question.

Q: Okay, who’s that guy who plays Tim Robbins’s son?

A: That’s Peter Sarsgaard.

Q: Oh, Swedish?

A: No, he’s American. He was in An Education with Carey Mulligan.

Q: Isn’t he Swedish? I thought he was related to Stellan Skarsgård.

A: No, he’s Peter Sarsgaard, not Skarsgård. He doesn’t have that “A” with the circle on top.

"You look nothing like Stellan Skarsgård."

Q: So how do you do that "A" with the circle on top?

A: Seriously? It's Alt+134. Okay, this question and answer’s over.

Green Lantern. USA. 2011.

Rating: Six out of ten.

*some info from IMDb
GIFs from VLC


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