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Boardwalk Empire. Season 2, Episode 4: "What Does the Bee Do?"

If a show is good, I usually have my favorite character by the fourth or fifth episode, less if the show is great. Boardwalk Empire is a good show, don't get me wrong. But somehow, there's no character which you can call your favorite. I only got my favorite character this season. And it's this guy:

"Achtung, baby."

Yes, that's Nucky Thompson's German butler. He can sing. What a cute guy. Meanwhile, Chalky White gets out of jail. Only a matter of time now before he gets lynched killed. And the conspiracy plans are put on hold temporarily, as the Commodore suffered a stroke upon seeing a naked Gretchen Mol.

Makes me want to stroke something else.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC


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