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Extras. Series 2

Ricky Gervais is back with his series Extras, and like the first series, this one features A-listers galore. But Series 2 seems to have bigger names on it. Possibly because of the success of the first series, actors felt honored to be asked to guest here. Although there's only one American here (Robert De Niro), compared to two Americans in the previous series (Ben Stiller and Samuel L. Jackson).

In this series, Gervais is not an extra anymore. He's a big shot TV actor now, with his own show, and his own catchphrase. But still, the situations are funny as ever. I think Gervais is the master of awkward situations, which he can turn into laugh-out-loud moments, only because we know we've been through them before, one way or another.

Episode 7: "Orlando Bloom"

"Ooh, look at me. I'm good-looking, but a mediocre actor."

Wouldn't it be cool if Orlando Bloom were really a jerk like this in real life? That way, I'd have a legitimate reason to hate him. We also see Andy's show take off from here. He's really no longer an extra now, but the show's still called Extras, so... Anyway, are there really no funny black people in Britain? Really?

Episode 8: "David Bowie"

One should feel honored to have Bowie write a song about you.

Nothing is actually sadder than to have David Bowie himself compose a song which turns out to be a mockery of everything you worked for. And God, do I hate that other successful actor guy. You know, Andy's rival. I don't know what his name is, and I don't really care.

Episode 9: "Daniel Radcliffe"

In another universe, they would be Professor Flitwick, and Harry Potter.

Aside from having the opening credits to When the Whistle Blows, this episode does a fantasy theme by having Harry Potter himself, and the most famous dwarf in the history of modern showbusiness, Mr. Warwick Davis. Put them together with Ricky Gervais' knack for awkward situations, and you've got yourself a riotously funny show. And that bit with the Down's syndrome kid: fantastic. How the hell does Ricky Gervais do it?

Episode 10: "Chris Martin"

Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow

Andy's ex is kind of hot. And we actually get a glimpse of the BAFTAs. Quite boring, actually. Especially if you don't win. And once more, Ricky Gervais's comedy gold lies in really embarassing situations. Also, Stephen Fry.

Episode 11: "Sir Ian McKellen"

Sir Ian McKellen using his knightly powers to force
Ricky Gervais to kiss another bloke.

Hilarious episode. It continually blows my mind how Ricky Gervais can pull off something that seems rather offensive and make it funny. I don't know if gay people would find this offensive, though, or if they would see this as it was intended to be seen: as a commentary on homophobia. Especially in the world of show business.

Episode 12: "Robert De Niro"

Robert De Niro's presence in this episode is almost negligible. He doesn't really say a lot. At all. And he doesn't even come face-to-face with Gervais (that rhymes). Although they did show one famous English person, Robert Lindsay, who I don't actually know. Anyway, is it a coincidence that both Lindsay and De Niro are both named Robert? Oh, and can I just say, I loved the masturbation scene. Priceless.

I would also like to point out the great performances from Ashley Jensen and co-creator and co-writer Stephen Merchant. Jensen's Maggie Jacobs is stupid as hell, but adorably stupid, one that you would kind of sympathize with. Merchant, who plays the agent, is so absurdly tall that his mere presence already makes me laugh. Plus he has this stupid grin on his face. And he's the worst agent ever.

And thus ends a short-lived but great series. I totally adore British comedy. It's a whole different species. So that's the last we'll see of Andy Millman. But that's not the last we'll see of Ricky Gervais. This show only cemented his status as one of the funniest men in entertainment today.

Extras (Series 2). UK. 2006-2007.

Rating: Eight and a half out of ten.

*some info from Wikipedia
pics from VLC

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