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The Secret Circle. Episode 9: "Balcoin"

A.k.a. Homecoming in Chance Harbor

Not the "homecoming" I imagined it to be and not as strong as an episode as I hoped it could ever be, given the show's dismal track record.

We have one new character, Melissa's cousin, who I must say is more interesting than her (and more interested in Diana). We also have one new revelation about Jake to the five circle members. But I still wasn't entirely convinced of Jake's feelings for Cassie, I mean, after the kiss, the rejection, and all.

I didn't get this new dude's name and I'm too lazy to look it up.
And they're back to five... for now.

And we have one entirely new revelation. The logical choice as a half-sister to Cassie is Faye (who is suddenly an expert on interpreting Jake's feelings) via her father John Blackwell/Balcoin. We'll know more in January. Jake has to be back, too. Otherwise, the circle is useless.

*screencaps courtesy of VLC


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