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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 8: "Ordinary People"

Viking humans turned parental witch and vamp

I hit the jackpot: I've had a gut feeling that Mikael is "Papa Original" (giddy to hear Damon say that exact phrase!) and that the Original Witch is really "Mama Original". Clap, clap, clap! This is a narration/revelation episode, kinda like the episode last season when Ellijah told Elena that the sun and moon curse is really about suppressing Klaus' werewolf side.

I'm sure Alaric was overwhelmed about his discovery (well, it was Damon's really, with the help of Mason). I wonder if he could make an academic paper out of this and be recognized and awarded for altering the New World's whole history. Hmmm.

Not one of Klaus' fake  contributions to history

I like Elijah's style of storytelling in flashbacks more than that of Rebekah's. I miss his "I believe the term you're  looking for is OMG" lines and his very nice hair (and not his hairstyle pictured below).

Un-dagger him now, please.

I'm going to throw one of my gut-feeling ideas since Plan Mikael is already rolling. I think he will use anyone to kill Klaus, and eventually kill all vampires with his Original family for redemption, like Mama witch trying to bring back the balance of nature. Mikael could be the ultimate villain after Klaus because we can't go down a notch after the hybrid with a beautiful accent. This is just one of the plots I see possible, but the writers surely have more tricks up their sleeves.

Elsewhere in the episode, the writers also gave us a peek of what vampire brothers do for a good time, well, sort of. Yes, Damon let Stefan out of Lexi-style rehab.

So is blood thicker than booze?

I'm tired of Damon being helpless. At least Elena can now sleep on the same bed he's on (she couldn't stand being with him in the same room before). Progress.

*screencaps courtesy of VLC


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