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30:Minutes or Less

This is a Ben Stiller production, so you can be sure that it’s entertaining. Not totally funny, but entertaining. Well, it’s funny in some parts. Laugh out loud-funny, even.

The thing with Jesse Eisenberg, though, is that he always talks in a fast manner, which was his same acting style in The Social Network. So unless he plays a character who’s a slow-talking nitwit, he will always be Mark Zuckerberg to me.

Basically, his career’s fucked.

The topic’s pretty heavy, though. There’s murder, and bombs, and explosions,


and bank robbing, and car crashes galore.

This has to be CGI.

But all this is balanced by the great comedic performances of the whole cast, especially Danny McBride, who manages to make his character both despicable and funny at the same time.

It’s also balanced by Dilshad Vadsaria’s cleavage.

And my new favorite comic actor: Aziz Ansari. His face, his whiny voice, and his delivery just crack me up.

He’s the funniest Indian in Hollywood right now.

One last point: Can anyone tell me how they did this shot:

and this one:

My best guess is that the background is fake. So it's either that, or they have a rig mounted on another moving vehicle travelling at the exact same speed as the car on camera. Whatever.

30:Minutes or Less. USA. 2011.

Original rating: Seven out of ten.
Contra “up, up, down, down” reference: Plus point twenty-five.
Dilshad Vadsaria’s presence: Plus point twenty-five.
Final rating: Seven and a half out of ten.

*GIFs from VLC
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