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New Girl. Episode 5: "Cece Crashes"

Just another Friday night with the boys.

First things first: Make up your mind about the title sequence. Stick to the one in the Pilot, just work on the cut/intro from the scene to the title sequence. If you insist on the moving-furniture title sequence, it really needs more work to be seamless.

They are both each other's bitches.

Playing on the cast's could-be romantic relationships is fun, but I don't think we need to give Nick-Jess shippers an early Christmas giftfor the good of the show. I love Jess and Cece's best-friend-ship. They're so totally different; they complement each other.

Cece's presence + Schmidt's shirt off = Douchebag Jar!!!

I got a glimpse of the Douchebag Jar, but it didn't get its moment. The cat-raised-by-a-bird got hers.

*screencaps from VLC


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