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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 22: "The Walking Dead"

"Didn't you get the invite that it's Season 5 already in four days?"

Yes, I know, this is super late. Anyway...

Just as the title suggests—dead walk the earth... again, a.k.a. the veil has been dropped by Bonnie. It sort of feels like, was that last season, when Anna finally found her mom after the ghosts came back? That means a reunion for Damon and Alaric (how I missed this bromance!), Stefan and Lexi (she approves of Caroline in more ways than one), Jeremy and Elena (finally, the chance to say a proper goodbye), Bonnie and Grams (helpful as ever), and Kol and Rebecca (not exactly a jolly one).

Woot-woot! *wink*

Oh, and Silas? He's stoned. Let's hope that's final. For me, he wasn't as effective a villain as Klaus was during his early episodes. Witch expression power beats everything, it seems, except death. Yep, Bonnie, being full of her powerful self, dies trying to bring back Jeremy permanantly. The witch is dead, and supernatural dead vampires and werewolves and hunters are back in Mystic Falls. So how to fix it?

Stupid witch. Get your life back together.

Bonnie's death may not be permanent, as any death in this show is. Somehow the veil would have to be put back. I didn't grieve for Alaric and Jeremy only to find out that they'll be back permanently.

In other news: Alaric finds the cure and gives it to Damon to "get the girl"; Matt wants to graduate as a human even if it means possible death; Rebekah is being the nicest she has ever been since joining the show; Hunters are back in Mystic Falls (I wonder if the sacrificed humans, werewolves, and witches would be back?).

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