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Micro: The Vampire Diaries. Season 5. Episode 1: " I Know What You Did Last Summer"

Hello, college!

The Vampire Diaries is not the show to come in strong on season openers (I still remember the Season 1 opener─just meh), but I believe it has the capacity to improve as they move from one episode to another; yes, even with the "Stephan is Silas' Shadow self" shit, let's hope.

Let's see what they did last summer...

Season 5's first episode is really just catching up with the gang, seeing what they've been doing or where they're at. Two were shacking all summer long. A pair was ghost-emailing. Another was traveling and having threesomes. One was hallucinating.

Some things I appreciate in this season opener: One, Silas isn't pretending to be Stefan. Two, Tyler is still nowhere. Three, an unpredictable death courtesy of Silas and at the expense of the mayor, who is Bonnie's dad, and whom she cannot save because she, too, is still dead.

At least, somebody's finally killin'.

Let's hope it picks up and brings reason with it sooner rather than later.

*photos from theoriginalscw.com and vampirediaries.wikia.com

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