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Micro: The Originals. Episode 2: "House of the Rising Son"

He doesn't seem amused by his period costume.

It's an episode full of flashbacks of how Marcel is really related to our dear Originals, and how they've lost touch. Basically, it's a 'Don't touch my sister or else" story, and sometimes I see how Rebekah still likes for men in her past to drool over her in modern times.

Human Marcel with hair is creepy. 

I'm sick and tired of Rebekah wanting to settle down with a man, and turning him at that. It seems very much like the bratty vampire child in Interview with the Vampire.

No chance of reconciliation, please.

Haley tries to get an abortion, but doesn't go on with it. Only, she's still got some eyes on her, what with werewolves being banned in the Quarter. Well, Rebekah has got that covered. And so Haley has got her back from Klaus's daggers.

BFF: Bitches Bestfriends Forever?

And at last, Rebekah meets Marcel's secret weapon, and just gets flung around and knocked out. Seems there's something that can match up to an Original.

There's a new bitch witch in town.

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