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Review: Coffee Town

College Humor

Coffee Town is a political thriller set in a small town suburb. No, not really. It's a brainless comedy aimed at people who love coffee, "brainless" here not in any way derogatory. So basically, it's a film that doesn't require too much thinking aimed at hyperactive, caffeinated brains.

College Humor
Or those who work out of coffee shops.

In American cinema, it seems that there are what you call “schools of comedy”. Coffee Town has the overall feel of the Judd Apatow school, which gave us movies like Superbad and Knocked Up. However, Seth Rogen isn't in here. Which is actually a good thing.

College Humor
In lieu of Seth Rogen, here's Steve Little, who looks like Curly from the Three Stooges.

The thing with having a relatively unknown cast is that you get to concentrate on the narrative. Or in the case of brainless comedies, you get to concentrate on the jokes. In case you weren't aware, this particular type of comedy is known to push the envelope when it comes to acceptable humour. Case in point: the fist fight between a normal person and a special person (a.k.a. someone with Down syndrome). Through awesome writing, delivery, and the use of an actor with real Downs Syndrome, they managed to pull it off.

College Humor
You can hardly tell who's who.

But perhaps the biggest surprise here is none other than Mr. Josh Groban himself. Yes, he's a great singer and all that. I mean, that's common knowledge. But how many of you knew that he was a great actor? Hopefully, Groban's agent realises his potential for comedy, and gets busy selling him. You've got a comic-musician package in one, studios, don't pass this up.

College Humor
Just look at that face. Hilarious.

Coffee Town. USA. 2013.

Original rating: 6.65 / 10
Glenn Howerton looking like a real caffeine addict: + 0.05
Ben Schwartz as a cool cop: + 0.05
College Humor's first attempt at producing films: + 0.05
Josh Groban: + 0.2
Final rating: 7.0 / 10

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