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Micro: Hello Ladies Episode 3: "The Date", or The Three Basic Elements of Stephen Merchant's Comedy


For those who call themselves fans of Stephen Merchant, you might've noticed that his comedic style revolves around three basic things:

"Can you go a bit slower?"

1. His stinginess
Like people with Ilocano blood, Merchant's stinginess shows his middle-class roots, making him more relatable and endearing.

"Anything just a tad bit cheaper?"

2. His physical gags
No point in being 6-foot-seven and skinny if you can't make it funny. Yes, slapstick went out of fashion decades ago. But this isn't slapstick.

Merchant doing yoga. NOT slapstick. Hehe.

3. His (failed) dating life
If your dating life's a failure, and you make comedy out of it, and the ladies love you for it, is it still a failure?

The most awkward hugger in West Hollywood.

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