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Micro: Hello Ladies. Episode 1: "Pilot"


For those who don't know who Stephen Merchant is, he's that ridiculously tall guy who plays Ricky Gervais's agent in Extras.

Merchant stands 6 foot 7, according to him.

If you still don't know who he is, then you probably don't watch enough British television.

Although he dresses like an American hipster.

Stephen Merchant's new series from HBO, which is apparently based on his Hello Ladies stand-up tour, has created what I'd like to call "cringe comedy". Yes, I love making up genres.

Doesn't that make you cringe? Honestly?

"Cringe comedy" relies on humour so embarrassing it'll make you pause what you're watching simply because you'll feel so ashamed for Stephen Merchant's character. Remember, if you can't handle it, press "pause".

Sometimes, you get to feel sorry for Stuart, so I guess it evens out.

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