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Micro: The Originals. Episode 1: "Always and Forever"

Just because it's a pilot.

We've already seen this one roughly, actually, but there's a lot in this version that, I think, made it feel more like a proper beginning for our dear Original vampires' own show.

Hang on, brother. There's more...

What's especially promising—that wasn't in the The Vampire Diaries episode-slash-The Originals backdoor pilot—is that we discover that Marcel teams up with a witch (though I still don't like Marcel at all) and Klaus dagggers Elijah, among others. Still, Klaus can still just kill Marcel, and he clearly doesn't care for the alleged baby.

Who's gonna protect preggy Hayley now?

I do hope it's as promising as its mother show, and that it picks up the pace really quickly, and that it paints the town red─with blood, that is.

*photos from nerdrepository.tumblr.com, dark-spn-angel.livejournal.com, and theoriginalsonline.com

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