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Micro: The Vampire Diaries. Season 5. Episode 2: "True Lies"

"Hello, brother—Not!"

Lying to the one you love can backfire on you big time. Silas/Stefan gets to Elena and spills all her boyfriend's boo-boos. I'm not sure if the dorm room drama is meant to turn you on or make you vomit dinner, but leave it to Caroline to ease up the situation.

"Argggh. Ahhh." Ewww. What the?

There's a new creepy/semi-hottie college professor who could be involved with the supernatural. Elena didn't really take her time to confront him about it, and just went at it. Atta girl. Too bad she's going home to Mystic Falls. Let's hope the college campus B-plot is worth it.

He's not really my type though.

Matt had an out of body experience. It's nice to know that there are more people who want Silas dead and back in a tomb than just the Hunters. Well, at least Silas can't get into Jeremy's head. I wonder who these Gypsies/Travelers are. Hmmm.

And this Nadia girl is meh.

Oh, and let's thank Katherine for not being completely helpless, and for those funny, sarcastic, witty lines.

She can punch and put her tongue out.

Also, Stefan's out and hungry for blood.

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