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Micro: Hello Ladies Episode 4: "The Dinner"


This show successfully straddles the line between "embarrassingly funny" and "downright humiliating".

With Stephen Merchant's gay jokes, shame and humiliation aren't far behind.

You'd think this show's cringe factor is all thanks to Stuart Pritchard. But last episode, we got to see Stuart's flatmate Jessica (played by Christine Woods) try her hand at cringe humour. Pretty damn embarrassing.

Stephen Merchant, doing the face everybody else makes at him.

In this episode, however, both Stuart and Jessica go the full monty in trying to out-shame each other. It worked so well that it took me three days to watch this episode, as I had to keep stopping it when it got too humiliating for my taste. I just feel sorry for them.

Would've been better as an animated GIF.

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