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Micro: The Originals. Episode 4: "Girl in New Orleans"

There's a teenage witch out and about, for starters.

This episode alone has a lot on its plate, and I wonder how the show can give justice to B-plots and character arcs, without sabotaging it.

It's not only the old ones who are full of history.
Our human bartender Cami doubles as the voice of psychology in this universe. I don't think viewers need to be spoon-fed the scholarly terms of what's happening, or how our vampires, witches, or whatnots are behaving. How is it that she doesn't freeze in fright whenever she remembers that Klaus is a vampire and he's under his compulsion? Instead, she entertains him even more. And she also has a twin brother who snapped, or was compelled to kill by a demon. Demon. Klaus? Hmmm.

He's just an adorable lonely bastard who has relationship issues.
Davina, like any teenager, is longing for the cute boy's attention. But she's a freak ─ enough of it that she stopped going to school, so we know where this will go, don't we? I wonder if she's really on Klaus' side now, and how Elijah can better his brother's (and Marcel's) offer in exchange for her loyalty.

Carrie, is that you?

Rebekah is showing a striking interest in having a baby. That's interesting. Maybe it would distract her from her true love quest. Baby healing her mom... wherever have I heard that before? And I wonder what happened to Hayley when she blacked out.

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