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Review: Three Things Gravity Pulls Off Brilliantly


First of all, I would like to express my disappointment at the House of Representatives of the Republic of the Philippines for owing me three months worth of paychecks. I would've really, really wanted to watch this on IMAX 3D. And again in a theatre with Dolby Atmos surround sound. But since I really, really had to see it on the big screen, I settled for ordinary 2D.

Not in 3D? Kill me now.

But why should you see it on the big screen? Because aside from the technical wizardry employed by director Alfonso Cuarón, this film requires one's undivided attention in order to focus on the three things Gravity pulls off brilliantly:

Nope, they're not kissing here. Thank God.

1. The sound of space.
If only the bookies in Manila took bets for the two Sound categories of the Oscars, then we’d all know where to place our money. Gravity utilises minimal sound, but why then does it need the 7.1 audio of Dolby Atmos for something that’s barely there? Well, just see hear it for yourself.

Imagine Clooney's yakety-yak voice in 7.1 surround.

2. The isolation of space.
Humans will always feel isolated and insignificant against the vastness of space. And that is why the most effective way to convey this would be by using only two actors. For the entire movie. And when one of them dies around the halfway mark, you more or less know how Sandra Bullock feels at this point.

If it were Clooney in this shot, he'd be just in his boxers. <Shudder>

3. The very real possibility of death in space.
Ah, space. The place with a billion lethal possibilities. I’ll leave you to your imagination.

Gravity: The Ride (Coming Soon)

Gravity. USA. 2013.

Original rating: 8.3 / 10
Gruesome death of that third astronaut: - 0.1
Cuarón's excellent long shots: + 0.1
Cuarón himself as one of the editors: + 0.05
Literal balls of fire in space: + 0.05
Sandra Bullock's tears rolling upward: + 0.05
Sandra Bullock in a Russian cosmonaut suit: + 0.05
Final rating: 8.50 / 10

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Anonymous said...

This movie became like a threshold giving me a different perspective on what's out there. if I'm the one on that scenario spinning at a constant pace without any direction, (when Ryan messed up) I'd also get panic or just pass out. I just hope after Gravity more movies like this will come out.

Thanks, Anonymous! Yes, I agree that this movie changed my perspective of outer space and being an astronaut. It's not all fun and floating around, apparently.

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