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Terra Nova. Episode 3: "What Remains"

Alternate title: Three Hot Women of Terra Nova.

So you all thought humans 85 million years ago looked like this, right?

Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

Wrong. There were in fact some hotties back then.

Obviously not a still from the show.

That's Shelley Conn, who plays Dr. Elisabeth Shannon. Who is kind of cute. Like Salma Hayek with Indian blood.

Then there's this girl:

They seem to have nice clothes for prehistoric times.

That's Naomi Scott, who plays Maddy Shannon. She's that smart girl. You know, every family show has to have a smart girl. So that makes her like the Lisa Simpson of Terra Nova. What? Anyway, I thought at first that she was the same actress who played Vorena the elder in HBO's Rome. She wasn't. But she kind of looks like her, though. She's really cute, but her Google search results don't do her beauty justice. You really have to watch her in moving pictures.

Anyway, here's the third beauty from Terra Nova:

Wait, what's a Sixer doing posing
in front of Terra Nova's gates?

That's Christine Adams, who plays Mira, the leader of the Sixers. No, we're not talking about the Philadelphia 76ers.

"Are you sure? 'Cause I'd sure tap Christine Adams's ass."

The Sixers refers to the renegade group who came to Terra Nova on the sixth pilgrimage, as opposed to the Shannons who came on the tenth. Anyway, black women aren't really my type, but I would be lying if I said I didn't find her beautiful.

Strangely, none of the Terra Nova beauties are pure Caucasian. In true postmodern fashion.

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