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Terra Nova. Episode 4: "The Runaway"

This episode involves a runaway girl named Leah Marcos (no relation to Bongbong). During her first few minutes onscreen, she kind of reminded me of the guy from the "Freestyler" music video from Bomfunk MC's.

They had the same hair as our village loon.

I think this is this season's first plot point. Now we're starting to see that the Sixers aren't really that bad. And maybe, just maybe, Colonel Taylor is actually a bad man.

Well, anyone who dresses in black
has to be a villain, right?

On to the cooler things in this episode. First, it's official. Maddy and that soldier guy are officially dating.

Ah, early twenties mutual attraction... the best high in the world.

And second, this table.

Come on, seriously. That's got to be the coolest table ever.

*some info from Wikipedia
pics from whicdn.com and VLC


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