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Crazy, Stupid, Love

Well, the movie is just as the title says it is. Crazy and stupid. Not really that stupid, though. Because I liked it. Kind of.

Emma Stone is a good actress, though she's not really my type. Even if she's a redhead. Julianne Moore still has some hotness left in her. And she's a redhead. So what exactly is my rule on redheads? I don't even know exactly.

Marisa Tomei is hot even without red hair.

Steve Carell shows his acting flexibility by showing us a bit of his dramatic side. Maybe he's like Jim Carrey, who really wanted to be a serious actor, but had to use his comic talents as a stepping stone. After seeing Steve Carell's horrible wardrobe in the beginning of the film, I too have decided that I probably need a makeover. Although I would rather have Gabriel Macht help me with it than Ryan Gosling.

Because seriously, he does look like he's Photoshopped.

Yes, this may be your typical rom-com. But there's this twist at the end, which I shall not speak of, because I don't think anyone would ever see it coming, not unless they were involved with the script in any way.

Wait a minute... Josh Groban? You're doing Hollywood films now? Opera-style singing not enough to pay the bills, eh?

"I'ma practice this face so I can land more roles."

And also, remember Hannah's friend Liz? I'll bet she's Pinay. Like if I had a hundred dollars, I'd bet it all on her Filipino blood. And a quick search on IMDb says... drumroll... yes she is Pinay.

With a name like Liza Lapira, it should be really obvious.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. USA. 2011.

Rating: Seven out of ten.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC


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