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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 3: "The End of The Affair"

The hybrid's Original vampire baby sister Rebekah 

Whew. A game-changing episode. They promised us a season of Originals, and here we are, with more backstory than a single necklace or an episode could possibly handle. Rebekah had first dibs on Stefan and I can't bring myself to hate her. In fact, she's very welcome to mess up our dear Stefan's heart and morals. And her accent is the icing on the cake. Then again, I'm not a big Stefan-Elena fan, so I could be just biased.

Ripper Stefan and Nik(laus): Brothers in crime

The writers have painted Stefan in the last two episodes as a conflicted, half-reluctant monster-that-he-was to save his loved ones. But now that he fully remembers his Ripper past and his "original" lady love, will Stefan completely abandon being the hero we have always perceived him to be? Especially now that we discover there's a threat even the Originals are running away from? It's funny how the roles have shifted between the Salvatore brothers. And I didn't really see this Stefan-Klaus bromance deep-rooted in the past until now. But these characters are not carved in stone, with what, this show's proven rep of brilliant, shocking twists and turns.

By the way, it's ironic that Gay Daddy wanted to cure Caroline of her vampirism, like some dads would attempt to do with gay sons. Two words: Like. Duh.

*screencaps from VLC


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