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The Secret Circle. Episode 3: "Loner"

Did I hear a chant in there somewhere?

So... it turns out that binding the circle leaves them not very magical individually, but quite powerful when they pair or group up. And it's an issue because they aren't exactly all friends. Finally, we get a confrontation between the leader and the newcomer about "their guy". Oh, high schoool. The dance is usually something big for these kids, so I'm kind of disappointed that no one got killed.

What the episode successfully did was spike the curiosity about the fire that killed the circle members' parents, stripped their surviving folks of their powers, and outlawed magic altogether. And I'm sure that's coming up. I seriously hope this whole season would not just be history repeating itself, because then I'll just be really pissed.

Also, Faye is the only interesting character so far that the actress who plays her is the only one who gets to display any acting range.

*screencap from VLC


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