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Terra Nova. Episode 2: "Instinct"

All right. Cute little birds, aye? Not.

A swarm like that is never cute.

Anyway, that Commander Taylor... isn't he the tough guy from Avatar?

I knew it.

Yes, that's Stephen Lang, who coincidentally also plays a colonel here in Terra Nova. But don't judge him if you think he can only play tough guy roles. The guy's a thespian, and is actually a Tony nominee.

Also, they introduced someone who could provide complications to the happily-married life of Jim Shannon. And that is in the person of Dr. Malcolm Wallace (played by Rod Hallett), who thought he could score once more on his med school flame who is now Mrs.Shannon. But why is he named after the father of William Wallace? Will there be any Braveheart references in future episodes? Just kidding. Of course there won't.

"But I am gonna score, one way or another."

*some info from Wikipedia
pics from TV RageBoomtron, and IMDb


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