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Terra Nova. Episode 1: "Genesis" (Parts 1 and 2)

You all know that in American TV shows, when they say they'll start the season with a treat by giving you an episode twice as long as usual? Well, that's really a trick, as they'll really be giving you two episodes in succession. Not really one long episode. At least that was the trick with the latest seasons of Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother. Well, such is not the case with Terra Nova. When they said a two-hour pilot, they really meant a two-hour pilot. It's just broken down into "Genesis" Parts 1 and 2 for production's sake. You know, so the filmmakers don't get confused.

Okay, so we can assume that the future setting is kind of like The Matrix, where the sky is too dark and the air is too polluted to breathe and all that. But don't worry, because we don't get to stay in that world too long. We're going back to the past, baby.

Thank God I don't have to wear this mask for the entire episode.

That's right. The past as in 85 million years into the past. To the time of the dinosaurs. What's that, you say? Like Jurassic Park? Of course it is. This series is produced by Steven Spielberg.

However, there will be no Samuel L. Jackson
telling you to "Hold on to your butts."

But we don't have any of that "step on a bug in the past and you'll never have been born" philosophy. This show utilizes the alternate timeline theory of time travel (as if time travel officially exists already), where nothing you can do can change the past, because whatever you do will just branch off into a totally different timeline. This is the time travel theory I subscribe to more, and sadly, this is not the theory followed by Doctor Who and Back to the Future, which are my favorite time travel show and movie, respectively.

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