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The Secret Circle. Episode 5: "Slither"

Grandma Witch is in on the secret now.

To be honest, I like demon-possessed Melissa more than the insecure Melissa. Her acting is more effective in bitchy roles. The make-out session between Adam and Diana is not that convincing, even with the whipped cream. The upside of it all, "Grams" (as the Charmed ones called their grandmother).

Downside, if you can call it that? Nick's dead. Do you remember him? Even his touching moments in this episode is not enough for me to care. Yes, it's sad only because he's part of the circle and his death means... no more circle? Unless they bring in someone else who has to be related to Nick and would make girls swoon uncontrollably. If this show is following the footsteps of The Vampire Diaries wherein they shockingly killed off a main character after a few episodes in its maiden season, well, it doesn't really cut it for me here. What I feel is not shock; more like, "That's it?"

One less reason for the girls to watch this show.

*screencaps courtesy of VLC


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