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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 5: "The Reckoning"

Loved the twist on the hybrid curse that made this.

Now, this is more like the show I love. Boom, boom, boom all the way.

I have high respect for Paul Wesley's acting, and I think it works because he really isn't convincing anyone with his "bad but really good guy" stint except for Klaus, who I'm pretty sure slipped a hint of humanity in front of his bratty little sister. I have a hunch Rebekah is not bad to the bone, as is her brother. (Joseph Morgan is really fabulous, especially with his accent. How can you hate the guy when he's calling every girl, "love"?) That line is more blurry now that there's a new bad(?) guy in town.

Meet Mikael, a vampire who haunts vampires.

It's always nice to see Jeremy and Anna. Matt and Vicky only spell disaster, if you ask me. Bonnie needs to gain more powers and the show needs to give witchcraft more juice. Katherine will be Katherine, I guess. Looking at the first photo, yes, Tyler's a hybrid now and Caroline's worried. Stefan's going full-bad, but I hope they didn't just do that for Damon and Elena to progress, because I think "Delena" kind of only works if they can't have each other. At least for now.

*screencaps courtesy of VLC


I've reading theories on the internet and the majority tells that Michael is actually daddy original (Rebekah's dad and Klaus's step-dad). I think it's possible but then again I don't TVD would be that obvious. I'd like to think that he's a vampire/warlock who's the original doppleganger's lovey-dovey.

As for Stefan being back in Mystic Falls, I cannot wait for the next episode. I have a feeling that they;ll be giving the killer lines to Stefan instead of Damon. I loved the way he said "carry on..." to Damon and Elena when he showed up in the living room

GAH!!! I am just so excited for the next episode! :)

- myka

Actually, I've toyed with the idea that Original witch and Mama Original is one and the same idea and Mikael and Papa Original, too. But if so, their caskets should be with Klaus' family cargo of caskets. But still, anything is possible with TVD.

I hope they kick Stefan's ass next episode and Damon gets the equally bad, if not more more bad-ass, comeback lines (and maybe a bit less of the cheesy I-love-you-Elena ones). Hehe. ;P

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