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The Secret Circle. Episode 4: "Heather"

That's Heather, all right.

Heather was possessed by a demon in the form of a worm and rendered catatonic by Cassie's mom to contain it inside her—for sixteen years. Cassie lifted the spell, and now the story line has demons. Okay, there was also an upped level of suspense, but only until Faye's one-too-many screams kind of destroyed that.

Cassie is turning out to be so annoying. Instead of trying to think or act, she asks too many questions and just stands there, boobs perky and all, with an expression of shock in her face. "How can there be demons?" Really, you're a witch and you can't believe demons exist? Come on!

The big cliffhanger? Heather is dead; the worm is now in Melissa.

*screencap from VLC


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