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Une Vie de Chat (A Cat in Paris) Review, or Seriously Academy? You Gave the Oscar to Rango?


The title actually translates to A Cat's Life. But you know Americans and their translations. I mean, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo isn't even an accurate translation. It doesn't even come close.

Anyway, what's up, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? Why didn't this win the Oscar for Best Animated Film? I'll tell you why.

Because it's French.

"But we French have ze best night skyline in ze world!"

As awesome as the animation is, with its distinctive French style, this film did not win the Oscar because of the simple fact that it was French.

The Artist took home five Oscars that night, which meant that France had already reached its award quota.

"Seriously, zat's racist. We're out of 'ere."

And so the Oscar went to Rango. Which is strange, really. I had to struggle to keep awake watching Rango, while I was able to appreciate this film even without subtitles.

Maybe we can have Gore Verbinski whacked by these French gangsters.

Une Vie de Chat (A Cat in Paris). France. 2010.

Rating: Eight and a half out of ten.


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