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New Girl. Episode 15: "Injured"

He also needs a wallet. And he needs money in it, too.

Nick needs an ultrasound, and the whole idea was blown out of proportion by the gang thinking he had The Big C. Winston gets all sentimental over his car (if you could still call it that).

It's worth more money on a per pound of metal basis.

Is it just me or is New Girl getting all jumbled and fumbled with no clear direction as to where it wants to be by the end of the first season? I think this episode was supposed to air before the fuck-buddy thing Schmidt and Cece had because there was no hint of that whatsoever, nor of Julia and Nick's breakup. Hell, I think this episode should have introduced us to Jess's lesbian ob-gyn friend—I had no idea who she was when she first appeared with Jess and Cece in the loft when they were bitching about (and then later on in that episode, knitting with) Julia.

The only explanation I can think of is it's trying to be like Modern Family, having a season pilot or ender but not feel like it or having any topic under the sun. I think it works great for Modern Family. I don't think it works for New Girl or they're just not doing it right.

*screencaps by VLC


Actually, Community too seems to have no direction. But it works with that format. And it doesn't work for New Girl.

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