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My Ideal Nuffnang Summer...

My ideal Nuffnang summer is getting as far away from the city as possible!

What's summer without that trip to a faraway place where there's an ocean to wash my stress away? Not to mention, the need to beat the heat and finally spend some quality fun time with my friends and family? Summer is that time of the year when the hassles of the bustling city are left to where they belong, the city. Under the clear blue skies, summer is when I can finally enjoy swimming, playing, and chatting with people I don't usually get to hang around with eight hours a day.

But of course, to have a completely trouble-free bonding with loved ones, you have to get rid of some summer hindrances that happen because of staying under the sun for too long. You have to be equipped. And one thing you should never, ever forget to bring under the bright heat of the sun, is sunscreen lotion─which admittedly, I used to forget, so I can vouch for the dire effects of forgetting the most important anti-skin trouble armor!

Learning from past mistakes, and now recently enjoying summer vacations without going home patchy (scaly! ew!) red, I've been using Banana Boat.

Probably named after those boats you ride in Boracay.

First, because it has a cute, catchy, and even delicious name. Second, because I am very picky with how lotions smell and feel; Banana Boat is not at all icky. And third, well, it says so itself: "Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion. We've got you covered." It pretty much does: Avotriplex Technology to prevent your skin from mutating.

Unless, of course, you want to look like a mutant... then you might want to hit the beach without─I don't know─shaving... and if not, and as much as it pains me to say this because I am actually lazy as hell, take time to shave. Parading around the beach with hairy armpits isn't actually this society's turn-on. So thank god for Schick.

The same makers of Quattro.

"Schick. Free your skin." I've been using it since forever because first, it's actually affordable for its blade quality, meaning it does its job─and second, because it has this green strip thingy that keeps my skin from being irritated.

So, there. Let me rephrase, my ideal Nuffnang summer is getting as far away from the city as possible, not having to worry about my skin, and pretending I'm not a mutant.

Just in case: Here are all three of them together.


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