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Music Icons: Bodjie Dasig

Most people, when met with the news of Bodjie Dasig's death, will give this reaction:

"What a sad day for Philippine television! I loved him in Batibot!"

No, kids. That's Bodjie Pascua. Here's Bodjie Dasig:

Not familiar? Understandable. Most songwriters in the Philippines prefer to stay behind the curtains. But you might remember him from his songs, namely "Ale (Nasa Langit Na Ba Ako)" and the favorite song of philanderers everywhere, "Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko".

And sadly, he has no Wikipedia page. Filipinos, get on it. Chop-chop.

Bodjie Dasig. 1964 ─ 13 March 2012.


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