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Music Icons: Davy Jones


Younger people's reactions to the death of Davy Jones might include something like, "Davy Jones is dead? But he's a fictional character!" That's because the only Davy Jones they know is this guy:

I just had to put this in here.

Older folks, however, will remember Davy Jones as "that guy from The Monkees". But he's more than that. He was also a thespian, and was nominated for a Tony award for playing the Artful Dodger in Oliver!. He's acted in theater, television, and film, both in the UK and the US. So why don't you go raid your parents's record collection, try to find some Monkees albums, and give them a listen.

Fans of Davy Jones might find solace in the fact that you'll only be celebrating his death anniversary every four years. Makes it easier to forget.

David Thomas Jones. 30 December 1945 ─ 29 February 2012.


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