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Underworld: Awakening

Vampires shouldn't need guns. Seriously.

Clearly, Underworld is a franchise trying to revive itself after the last film’s "meh" reception. Boasting a 3D release adds to prove that fact.

The very core of this film's marketing strategy is to give the fans what they want. Those who ditched and dissed the third installment (the prequel) are probably all back if only to stare and ogle at the delightful sight of the goddess that is Kate Beckinsale.

I think this photo speaks for itself.

Although I believe Beckinsale has more talent than what her character, vampire Selene, requires, she still rocks the bad-ass vampire warrior in a tight-fitting leather suit, corset, and almost-knee-high boots.

I have to give her props for just being able to move in that outfit.

The video montage recap and voiceover is really to get over the last films, kind of telling audiences to treat this as some kind of a reboot. And to a point, Underworld Awakening was promising: a hybrid offspring longing for parental love is out in the world—a different world from the old films—where vampires and werewolves are now hunted, killed, and forced into exile or a life of hiding.

Yes, she's a hybrid. I wonder if we'll see her in tight leather or just naked blue next time?

But it pains me to say that when the end credits rolled, I was left wanting. I didn’t see it in 3D but I think the film—like other franchises that got on the 3D bandwagon—focused on giving the audience an awesome visual experience that watching it in regular cinemas largely devalues its overall appeal. Add to that some plot inconsistencies and very thin supporting characters, and the film really comes up short.

Cute and younger, but no.
Charles Dance's Lord Tywin Lannister is not pleased.

I have a soft spot for Underworld, especially the first two movies that I admit are really more box-office stuff than some Oscar bets. I hope in the next film they put more weight in the plot and developing its characters. And perhaps, less guns.

Underworld Awakening get a five point five out of ten for the much appreciated effort and, really, just Kate Beckinsale.

*screencaps by VLC


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