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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 16: "1912"

Oooooh. Is that what "moderation" means?

The Vampire Diaries just reminded us that it's about family, specifically about the Salvatore brothers. I wonder if Stefan would ever be able to live in moderation. He should listen to his older brother. I must admit it was pretty creepy seeing the bad-ass brother be emotional. Just don't make out, okay, bros?

Guilty and not guilty. What the?!

Meanwhile, the serial killer story arc had some interesting twists and turn. I bet we'll see more of Samantha Gilbert and meet present-day Sage very soon. And that doesn't mean Flirty Doc is family now. Sorry, but no.

Aren't they just made for each other?

I find Elena's reaction to seeing the brothers feed hypocritical. They're vampires so deal with it, girl, every aspect of their humanity and vampire-ness. Maybe she should just end up with Matt. Hmm. Klaus wants it, and he almost always gets what he wants. Speaking of, who else missed his Australian accent?

*screencap by VLC


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