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The Secret Circle. Episode 16: "Lucky"

One guy can never handle two. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.   

My favorite bitch girl has got competition. I wonder if it's Faye's dark side powers (if she's really Blackwell's other spawn in the circle) in that OD'd girl. Ethan is one jealous traitor bastard--lame and weak. Cassie and Adam are destined and doomed at the same time. Hooray for Jake!

If only someone or something can stop them (and these crows?) from mating.

It's quite promising for six more episodes of the first season. You know, even Melissa is kind of being productively part of the show. But I don't know if it's enough to save The Secret Circle. Even a decent-looking sailor with a thick Australian accent might not be able to.

Will Grant be just part of the destruction or distraction?

*screenshots by VLC


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